Setting Specific

The Right Stuff: Free Novice Edge.
Adaptable: 2 extra skill points during character creation.

Merfolk (fish folk)
Aquatic (cannot drown in water, moves at full Swimming
skill, free d6 Swimming)
The Right Stuff: Free Novice Edge
Spiritual: Starts with D6 in spirit.
Primitive: -2 penalty to any interaction with machinery. A roll of ‘1’ on the skill die breaks whatever the character is interacting with (repair roll at -2 and 1d6 hours to fix)
Two Leg Hatred!: -4 to interactions with men.

Strong: Starts with D6 Strength
Tough: +1 Toughness

Claws: Str+D6 damage
Lucky: +1 Hero Point/Benny
Low Light Vision: Ignore penalties for Dim or Dark lighting.

Demonic: -4 Charisma when dealing with other races.
Unnatural Vigor: +2 to Recover from Shaken, No additional DMG from called shots, No Wound Modifiers, Immune to Disease or Poison
Formerly: One other racial template.

Characters in the Fantasy Strike universe are unique. Most fighters are capable of fantastical combat, linked closely with their fighting style.

AB: [Fighting Style]
Arcane Skill: [Style Name] (smarts or spirit)
Starting Power Points: See Description
Starting Powers: 2
Heroes in the Fantasy Strike universe are capable of extreme
A character starts each combat scene with 1 Power Point. Each time the hero would cause an enemy to be Shaken, or is Shaken themselves, they gain 1 Power Point, to a maximum of 1/2 their linked skill. Powers outside of combat should be treated as a dramatic task.
-Fatigue: When a character rolls 1’s on both his wild and spellcasting dice, he gains a level of fatigue.

Setting Specific

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